(fer) is a contemporary design practice with strong interest in producing work that contributes to the larger cultural arena. We strive in creating projects in both the public and private sector that are centered around a client’s individual needs and wants, their financial expectations, as well as providing a positive, inspiring and engaging contextual dialogue. A projects final FORM being the outcome of the imaginative examination of various levels of information, derived from the local ENVIRONMENT (physical, social, economic, and cultural) through intensive study and RESEARCH resulting in an inspiring and thought-provoking occupiable space. This process produces work we feel attempts to close the gap between what are considered everyday ‘buildings’ and what one calls ‘architecture’.


Since its inception in 2002, (fer)  has become a proficient and prolific full service architectural office capable of producing and overseeing all aspects of a project, be it large or small. The studio is comprised of a talented and diverse team of design professionals that reflect the community in which we serve. (fer) studio’s broad range of projects include urban design, civic, retail, restaurant, hospitality, commercial, educational and residential - each rooted in the firm’s philosophical foundation of providing a strong basis of design filtered through a high level of client and design team collaboration.

We believe in the value of a high level of Client and Project Team involvement in the design process. As such we have developed a design process geared toward maximizing team members participation through the use of tactile materials, numerous physical design process models, and 3D design process renderings as both communication as well as design working tools. Actually showing how space is defined and having our clients closely participate in that ‘space’ making process helps us communicate with our client and consultant team with a level of clarity that is often missing in typical projects. As a result, the client team is more engaged with the design and better informed when making decisions about the direction of a project. 


(fer) is located in a Creative/Collaborative workspace in the Artists’ District of Inglewood, California. As residents, business owners and stakeholders for more than a decade, our team especially understands the needs and the sensitivities of city and community, and offers local credibility to bring consensus among the various groups here in our region. (fer) studio is minutes away from the airport, downtown LA, Hollywood and the West Side.