Cedros Market is conceived as a collaborative solution between the NCTD’s need to provide for its anticipated growth in transit ridership, and the community of Solana Beach that desires to maintain the character of its human-scaled, environmentally sensitive beach town.

The dual frontage orientation of the proposed project is both a completion of the “east 

streetscape” of Hwy 101 and an extension of the South Cedros pedestrian/commercial zone. By connecting the existing and proposed commercial zones in this manner, available public parking serves a larger contiguous downtown commercial area via an artfully expanded pedestrian zone.

To reinforce this connection, the proposed project reflects the existing eclectic re-purposed industrial buildings and beach cottages surrounding the site.

The variation in roof forms, scale, massing, building materials, façade setbacks, and distinct individual facade treatments provide the architectural richness of a town developed over time.

Typology Commercial Retail Restaurant Office
Project type New Construction
Client City of Solana Beach
Size 100,000 SF
status Design Development


Developer Strategic Assets Group
Associate Architect SAND - Scott Natvig
Associate Architect Torgen Johnson