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The La Cienega Creative Office project is an extensive remodel and repurpose project of an existing office/warehouse building along La Cienega Blvd near Fairfax Ave. The existing two story structure had various uses over the years since its original construction in the 1950’s. The owners intention was to revitalize the existing building to make more appealing and attractive for a new creative o!ce type use by either a single tenant user or possible two tenant users.

FER studio took over the project and quickly developed three alternative design approaches to reusing the structure. Working with the Structural Engineer they looked a various ways of opening portions of the building up to create an entry point that was both a visible and iconic landmark from both La Cienega as well as from Smiley Drive, the actual parking lot entry point. The triangular nature of the site and existing bldg., along with the neighboring single story structure also to be saved and reused on the site, created a challenging and interesting convergence of spaces. FER took this opportunity to design the new La Cienega façade in a corrugated metal mesh skin that would shade the existing southern facing o!ce glazing from direct solar gain as well as create a since of direction to the façade as the mesh peels away as you move south along La Cienega revealing the new entry point to the building. To reinforce this condition, a new 2nd floor floating conference room, the only added area to the project, almost acts like a gestural architectural head to the building and extends out creating a covered outdoor space marking the entry lobby to the building. Other added features to the new creative o!ce were the covered outdoor balcony along the west façade for informal meetings and break time and a small roof top outdoor covered conference room and open air event space.

The project went through various design and drawing phases and is currently on hold by the client as they investigate existing parking conditions with the local city.



Culver City, CA


On Hold

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