Are the environments you occupy formed around your lifestyle?

Do they drain or INSPIRE you on a daily basis?  

In today’s busy world people are spending more and more time indoors. Between our work life, travel and our personal lives at home, we occupy a variety of environments. How much time do you spend and where? What is the VALUE of the environments you occupy and what effect are they having on your health, well-being and personal development?

Below are some Environmental Factors to consider and the effect, positive or negative, they can have on a person’s well-being.

Environmental Impact Factors:

1) Individual, Influence a person’s identity of value (mood, attitude and self-worth)

- environments with bright natural light can improve health outcomes such as depression, agitation, energy and sleep.

- environments that formally present themselves in an enthusiastic, exciting and self-promotional manner can provide enhanced mood, attitude and self-worth, similar for many to driving the car of their dreams.

2) Social, Level of behavioral interactions/motivation to act (benefits of social support)

- an inviting space with comfortable chairs and privacy can encourage a family to stay and visit with a patient.

3) Biological, Air/water/temperature/food/etc. (impact of physical comfort or discomfort)

- a naturally lit space with fresh air, connection to the outdoors and comfortable ambient temperature supports positive productivity.