(fer) studio is a specialized contemporary Architecture and Urban Design studio. Our work focuses on the needs, problems and expectations of each client, through the creation of a unique and specific architectural design solution. This results in an iconic individual architectural form/narrative, specific to that client’s identity within the built environment. The studio is founded on premise that to do this, three basic conditions must be studied and applied. In fact, it’s impossible to develop an appropriate, accurate and specific architectural design solution without intense consideration of these three conditions.

FORM - The shape or configuration of something. A particular way in which a thing exists or appears.

ENVIRONMENT - The surroundings, circumstances, or conditions (physical/social/cultural/political/economic) by which one is surrounded.

RESEARCH - The systematic and studious inquiry, investigation and experimentation, to establish new conclusions of accepted theories for practical application

Through imaginative and exploratory design modeling RESEARCH; we work with each client to uncover their direct and indirect needs. With their active participation, we create and develop thought-provoking specialized spatial, relational and alternative organizational ENVIRONMENTS, structured specifically to address those conditions. These structured environmental solutions result in a uniquely inspirational iconic contemporary Architectural/Urban FORM, one that engages with its surroundings and creates a specific individual market identity tailored to each client's personal and professional voice.

(fer) studio offers innovative Contemporary Iconic Architectural and Urban Design solutions - to learn more email us at inquiry@ferstudio.com or download a new client questionnaire from from the link below.