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Fathers Office

Owner and renowned chef, Sang Yoon wanted to keep the warm tavern feeling of the original Father’s Office in Santa Monica, yet provide more space and accessibility to the anticipated second location within the historic Helms Bakery Building in Los Angeles. Inspired by Sang’s contemporary approach to traditional dishes, (fer) studio combined the concept of a traditional European pub, where life is centered around the bar, with modern contemporary styling.

Working within the constraints of the historic building, (fer) designed an elongated bar and dining space that extends into an outdoor patio. A long linear exterior patio was created with new steel and wood canopy above mimicking the interior lowered so!ts. Just inside, the space was then compressed by aligning the new rear bar wall with a row of exposed existing riveted steel columns. The interior space is shaped by lowered so!ts, composed of an open wood slat ceiling system, over the dining areas and bar. The interior walls are finished in linear wood panels to further emphasize the elongated space.

The warm wood walls and so!ts with recessed lighting infuse the space with a beautiful amber glow that is echoed by two radiant boxes that house the Office’s 31 exotic beer taps. The 50 foot long bar top in warm walnut, running the entire length of the lounge, is the center of life with all food & drink orders placed and picked up there.


Sang Yoon


Helms Bakery District, Los Angeles, CA


Completed 2008

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