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An Inside Look At LA?s New Offcine Brera


Thu Mar 17 2016 07:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

As new Officine Brera. Officine Brera serves unadulterated northern Italian cuisine in L.A?s downtown arts district.

A few years back, Matteo Ferdinandi and Angelo Auriana opened Factory Kitchen in a 1920s warehouse, offering northern Italian cuisine with California influences. Just recently, in the same building, the duo opened Officine Brera, which serves unadulterated northern Italian cuisine in L.A.?s downtown arts district. Officine means workshop in Italian, and Brera is a neighborhood in Milan. With their standout ?factory? and ?workshop? restaurants, the two Italians are offering sophisticated food in an eye-popping setting. The job of converting the raw Officine space, once the home of the Los Angeles Gas Company, went to design firm Form, Environment, Research (FER) Studio. The result is a stunning environment where guests can enjoy watching and eating food crafted by chef Auriana.

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