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Another Big Ass Digital Billboard Headed to Manchester and LaBrea


Mon Oct 04 2021 07:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

SOUTH OF THE 10 - WOW Media announced its most artistic full-motion digital outdoor billboard to date

The new board will be located at the intersection of South La Brea Avenue and Manchester Blvd., the high-profile entrance to Inglewood’s Downtown Market Street Promenade.

The full-motion digital display will be designed in collaboration with renowned Inglewood-based architect and (fer) studio founder Christopher Mercier and digital display leader WOW Media. Architect Mercier previously worked for world renowned architect Frank Gehry. His firm (fer) studio has been instrumental in Inglewood’s current architectural and artistic renaissance.

The full-motion digital billboard will be comprised of three individual offset digital display panels made of LED screens all warped within a dynamic curving ribbon of light emitting diodes. The full-motion digital billboard will prominently display the City of Inglewood seal along with City of Champions branding and will mark the entrance to Inglewood’s Market Street Promenade.

“Reestablishing Inglewood as the sports and entertainment capital of the world is an ongoing collaborative effort between government leaders and private business, and WOW Media is proud to continue playing a prominent role in the revitalization,” said WOW Founder and President Scott Krantz. “Collaboration and customization is the new frontier for the outdoor industry and this unique partnership is another step toward fully realizing our shared vision for Inglewood’s future and the industry as a whole.”
WOW Media, and their advertising arm Pearl Media LLC, have donated tens of thousands of dollars to the campaign coffers of Mayor James Butts, to oversaturate the city with their boards.

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