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Christopher Mercier: What Goes into Iconic Restaurant Spaces?


Tue Nov 20 2018 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

People may not understand or even stop to consider the depth or complexity that goes into designing and building restaurant spaces, but today we’re going to learn a LOT more about this often-overlooked aspect of the hospitality industry.

Here to discuss what goes into creating iconic restaurant spaces is Christopher Mercier, the founder and principal designer of (fer) studio. You may have seen (fer)’s handiwork at iconic restaurants like Father’s Office in Culver City, Connie & Ted’s in West Hollywood, Officine Brera in downtown Los Angeles, or Sixth and Mill in Downtown Los Angeles.

“What we’re trying to do is really create something that’s unique for the client, and it comes out of the process of working with them to solve their design problems.” –Christopher Mercier

(fer) stands for Form, Environment, and Research: the core principles of the firm’s design philosophy. Firmly rooted in contemporary modernism, (fer) studio is dedicated to the idea that Form helps to shape the world, and can have a profound ability to positively impact contemporary experience. Through intensive research and the study of the site and environmental conditions, along with extensive client input, each project is born appropriate and unique.

“We’re not interested in someone who just wants to hire us and call them when we’re done; this is an all-in deal. You come in, you hang out in the studio, you design with us, and you work on the models with us.” –Christopher Mercier

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