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Focused Form


Fri Dec 21 2018 08:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

A calculated focus on the separate elements of form, environment research leads to what he describes as ?a very specific individual market identity tailored to that client?s personal and professional voice and vision.?

In 2002, architect Christopher Mercier struck out on his own to create his own studio ? known as (fer) studio ? after nine years as a project architect for Gehry Partners, now located in Playa Vista. Although he remains profoundly influenced by Gehry, he started his own studio to combine his perspective on modern contemporary architecture with green materials and sustainable design. Mercier?s studio, whose title initials stand for form, environment and research, began its life in Culver City but soon moved into an artist collective in Inglewood. Mercier joked the move was precipitated by a desire to double the space and reduce rent at the same time. He began the firm with a partner who left the business to move to New York a couple of years ago, so Mercier is now the studio?s sole architect.

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