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Inglewood Public Library Book Sculpture


Wed Jan 01 2014 15:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Completed: 2014

Architect of Record: Christopher Mercier and Douglas Pierson, (fer) studio

Sculpture Artist/Designer: Youn Choi

Project Description

As an artist as well as a designer, pod a+d’s Youn Choi was asked to create a temporary and interactive public art project for the Inglewood public library. When she learned that the library had decommissioned 10,000 old, redundant, and damaged books, an idea came to her. So on a “floor” made of old book jackets, she shaped a 10x12x15-foot form out of wire fencing and stabilized it with ordinary rebar. Into this wire skeleton she wove pages from the decommissioned books that library patrons of all ages helped fold to fit the fencing’s openings.

Building the form then recycling the discarded books into elements of a temporary work of art took Choi, her design team, and library visitors five months to complete. Then they named it “book • mark.”

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