FER studio was formed in 2002 in Los Angeles California to fill a gap in the Architectural & Urban Design Market. The studio is structured as a contemporary design and research based office, focused around producing client specific iconic Architectural and Urban Design solutions for a variety of project types. Since its inception, it has become a proficient and prolific full service Architectural Design studio capable of producing and overseeing all aspects of a project, be it large or small. The studio is comprised of a team of talented and creative design professionals that find challenge, inspiration and commitment in serving unique clients and diverse communities from around the world. 

We work exclusively with individuals, groups or organizations, well-steeped in various aspects of the creative arts, cultural arts or other creative professional practices. They are in search of either rectifying their current Work, Live or Play environment(s) or are in need of creating an entirely new one. Their goal is in finding an architectural or urban design solution that resolves their current spatial and organizational breakdowns, while at the same time provides an environment that fosters creative exchange among its users and forms a strong market identity now, and into the future.

Project types include cultural institutions, such as museums & libraries, educational facilities, creative offices, commercial & retail locations, restaurant & hotel and as well as single & multi-family residences. In addition, we provide creative Urban Design solutions for larger cultural, educational and civic municipalities.