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The Urban Street Media Structure is part of a design inquiry project that (fer) studio is pursuing with local media giant WOW Media ( The project centers around the reconsideration of street signage/media support structures and how they might relate & integrate into the Urban Fabric of the city. Its an inquiry into how signage support structures could be reimagined as a possible form of architecture and move beyond their utilitarian engineering aesthetic, becoming a positive visual contributor to the landscape. Its intention is to try to find ways where the utilitarian support system can be further explored as a sort of visual connection between the signage or media being presented and the city street life below, in which it is located. How sign/media and support might better develop a dialogue with the rich life of the city street. This is important consideration as the world moves further and further into the realm of virtual experience as part of our daily lives. (fer) studio looks forward to further exploring this idea with WOW Media in various forth coming projects.


WOW Media




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