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Our goal is to provide highly individualized environments that enhance overall life performance and experience. One of the ways we achieve this is by creating spaces & places that link to the surrounding community and help to build creative interdependence with one another.


The office is structured as a contemporary design and research based studio focused around producing client specific Architectural and Urban Design solutions for a variety of project types. Since its inception in 2002, it has become a proficient and prolific full service Architectural Design studio capable of producing and overseeing all aspects of a project, be it large or small.

Our hands-on process focus’s heavily on the creation of various scale physical and computer generated working models. The models are used as tools for assessing the three dimensional characteristics unique to each project. Through this process we are able identify and then test the inherent complexities as we consider alternate possible design solutions.


Our Focus is on the needs, challenges and aspirations of each client using a unique Transrelational approach to design. 


The studio has and remains deeply engaged in the practice of creating relevant, enriching and compelling Architecture. Over the years we have gone through many changes as we continue to work to better refine and clarify our craft.  With these course adjustments we have stayed true and on a consistent path of offering each client a unique and focused environment for building what is special in their lives.


Our clients are typical individuals and organizations involved in the creative arts, hospitality, cultural education or other creative professional practice sectors. They are looking to resolve various spatial, organizational and market identity breakdowns in their current work, live or play environment(s). They aspire to foster new avenues of creative exchange and growth among themselves, their teams and the larger community(s) in which they reside.

Our team is comprised of a select group of talented design professionals that find challenge, inspiration and commitment in serving unique clients and diverse communities worldwide.

(fer) studio has a long history of creating and delivering a variety of successful projects for a diverse mixture of clients.  That process is not done by any single individual in a bubble but instead it takes a team of committed creative people working together and with the community, in both creating & refining a vision as well as producing & delivering it though a unique architectural solution. Over the years our team and family has changed and evolved and with much gratitude we thank all of those who have participated in making (fer) studio what it has become today.

Let's build something together.

Products & Services Outline 

To learn more about how we can work together and what we offer click the link below and download our (fer) Products and Services Outline at no obligation.

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